Face the Unexpected

Even the Stars need to collapse to be born.

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Seeking Stars

“We are the piece that has always been assembled.” – María Stardust

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The Odyssey

“[…] Allow the trip show you the darkness and light.
It will be the odyssey that, like an infinite tattoo,
it will be engraved on every atom of your skin. ” – María Stardust –

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Juliet’s Love

“-¡Pero calla! ¿Qué luz se abre paso tras esa ventana? Es el Oriente. Y Julieta, es el sol.”[…]
[…] -Mil veces, buenas noches.
-Mil veces mala por faltar tu luz.” 

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The dance

“Powerful dance of cosmic tides, incessant compass of moon song.
We are a poetic dance of stars connected to each other.” – María Stardust –

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